Does Having a C-Section Affect Fertility?

Baby being born via c-section

Does Having a C-Section Affect Fertility?

Does having a C-section affect your fertility? According to a prior study, women who delivered their first child by cesarean section were 15 percent less likely to have another baby within the next three years than those who delivered vaginally.

But a new study in 2020 says different — and the percent is minimal. Researchers agree that when a first-time parent has a cesarean section, it decreases their chances of becoming pregnant again, but at only 7 percent difference — unlike previous reports of 15 percent.

Just over 2400 women were followed for the study, of which 69 percent were able to conceive again within three years after having a C-section. Of those who had vaginal births, about 76 percent were able to conceive in the same. And while researchers don’t know for sure whether a C-section can affect future fertility, the following has been observed:

  • Cesareans are connected to lower fertility rates, but it’s a minimal — not an enormous difference.
  • It’s probable that the correlation between C-sections and infertility doesn’t involve surgical procedures. Instead, the relation could be the cause for a C-section, such as needing to be induced for low amniotic fluid or other common reproductive issues that often lead to C-sections.

Scarring with Cesarean Surgery

After a cesarean surgery, it is typical for scar tissue to develop. Rarely, internal scarring from a C-section can cause obstructions and inflammation in the abdomen and reproductive organs that, in turn, can inhibit future pregnancies.

Complications and Infertility

C-sections can be associated with other complications that can determine your fertility rates in the future. Some examples of complications that can arise after a cesarean include:

  • Internal infections
  • Hemorrhages from surgery
  • Damage to non-reproductive organs
  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes

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