Fertility Treatments in San Diego and Carlsbad

Fertility Treatments in San Diego and Carlsbad

Dear Doctor,
I’m currently undergoing fertility treatment in your San Diego office and I noticed you opened up a new office in Carlsbad. I live in the North County and I’m wondering how this works during my fertility treatment in San Diego. Can I be seen in Carlsbad?

Dear Melinda,

Thank you for your important question. We offer fertility treatments in our San Diego and Carlsbad offices. Our office in Carlsbad is currently offering fertility evaluations, diagnostic testing such as saline sonograms (SHG) and endometrial biopsies, as well as cycle monitoring with ultrasound and blood work. We offer the full range of fertility treatments in our San Diego Metro office.

If you are undergoing In Vitro Fertilization fertility treatment at the San Diego (Metro) or Carlsbad locations you will have your egg retrieval and embryo transfer at the Metro office. You can have the remainder of your IVF cycle monitored at the Carlsbad office.

For patients undergoing intrauterine insemination (IUIs) with fresh sperm, we will soon be able to complete your entire treatment cycle at our Carlsbad office.

The FSMG team is committed to providing you the best possible care and utmost support during your fertility treatment in the San Diego Metro and Carlsbad offices. Come see how we can help you expand your family!

Best wishes during your fertility treatment,

Dr. Maas

FSMG San Diego and Carlsbad

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