Is Your Husband Battling Infertility? Here’s How to Show Support

Is Your Husband Battling Infertility? Here’s How to Show Support

Dealing with infertility can be challenging for men. Male infertility is the primary factor in 20 percent of infertility in couples and a contributing factor in about 30-40 percent of infertility cases in which both partners have infertility.

Infertility attributed to the male partner can due by:

  • Hormonal issues
  • Obstruction (inability of sperm to exit the testicle/epididymis)
  • Genetic conditions affecting sperm production or obstruction
  • General health and lifestyle issues
  • Exposure to steroids like testosterone
  • Disease or cancer
  • Overexposure to environmental toxins

Male fertility declines with age but age does not impact male fertility in the same degree as female infertility is impacted by age. Sperm count and quality gradually decrease as men age. For some men, there is not an explanation for low motility and sperm counts.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Pavan Devendra Bendale, Fertility Consultant at Pune’s Nova IVF shared how women can be supportive to their partners with infertility. He stated, “Men may feel and deal with their emotions in a different manner when it comes to infertility. They will struggle in silence with guilt, shame, and sadness, feel less of a man and can become frustrated. Accepting infertility will be a difficult task for them.”

Let’s explore how to show your husband support during the challenging time of infertility.

Patience is a Virtue

Infertility often creates a feeling of an emotional roller coaster. So, you need to be patient even when your husband gets frustrated, depressed, or shuts down. Give him some time to get back to a normal routine and be patient. Patience is the key.

Be Supportive

Avoid the talks of having to go to the doctor all the time. Give him support by spending time relaxing and doing things to take your minds off the fertility status. Try not to push him for any procedures especially if he is not yet ready for them. It’s important to observe his behavior and try to do things that help reassure him you support him and his journey. Decide as a couple how much information you’re going to share, and with whom. Don’t feel pressure to disclose intimate details if you don’t want to — even to family members.

Be Sensitive

What do you do if you need to have a sperm donor to pursue parenthood? Sperm donors with IUI or IVF is a viable option for conception in male infertility cases. Before discussing this, make your partner feel loved, show him respect, and take steps to show him that finding a donor is just one step towards your goal a couple of becoming parents.

Fertility Specialists Medical Group encourages the male partner to be tested for fertility issues anytime infertility is suspected. To learn more about this topic and speak to one of our physicians about fertility treatment, you can request a consultation here.

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