Lesbian Couples Using ROPE to Build a Family

Lesbian couple pursuing parenthood via ROPE method celebrating with LGBT rainbow letters

Lesbian Couples Using ROPE to Build a Family

Fertility Specialists Medical Group (FSMG) has vast experience in counseling couples and individuals within the LGBTQ+ community about their options for pursuing parenthood.

Our approach to reproductive care is to have personal, one-on-one conversations of a supportive and educational nature with each individual about the medical and emotional factors involved in treatment.

Everyone at FSMG embraces the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s view that gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual couples and individuals (as well as single heterosexuals) all have the same wishes and rights to have a family as do heterosexual couples.

LGBTQ+ Family Building Options

Because of the various options regarding gamete (eggs and sperm) sources, ability or desire to carry a pregnancy, and desire to play a biologic role that may exist for LGBTQ+ couples and individuals, the type of assisted reproductive technology available will vary.

Family building options include intrauterine insemination (IUI)in vitro fertilization (IVF), recipient of partner’s eggs (ROPE), and the use of nonidentified or identified donor eggs, sperm, or embryos.

Lesbian Couples and ROPE Method

If both partners would like to be involved in the pregnancy, they can consider reciprocal IVF, which we call the recipient of the partner’s eggs (ROPE). In this procedure, one partner provides the eggs to be fertilized via IVF, and the other partner has the resulting embryo(s) implanted in her uterus to carry the pregnancy to term.

Lesbian couples can go through egg stimulation/retrieval and embryo transfer during the same cycle. They can also freeze the retrieved eggs for later fertilization and transfer, or go right to fertilization after egg retrieval and freeze a resulting embryo for future transfer.

Benefits of Reciprocal IVF for Lesbian Couples

The significant advantage of the ROPE method for lesbian couples is to enrich their experience building a family. It allows each woman to contribute to the conception and birth of the couple’s child.

Lesbian couples have undergone dual reciprocal IVF at the same time, so each woman carried her partner’s child simultaneously. Other couples have experienced the entire process once and then reversed roles to have a second child.

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