FSMG Recognizes National Infertility Awareness Week with Four Night Event Series

In reocgnition of 2013’s National Infertilty Awareness Week, FSMG will be hosting a four-night event series, aimed at educating and informing the San Diego community about fertility, reproductive health and family building options. All events are complimentary, and open to our current patients and the San Diego community.

All events will run from 5:30-7:00 PM, and be held at FSMG’s office, 8010 Frost Street, Suite P. San Diego, CA 92123.

Please RSVP to one (or all!) of these events at [email protected] or 858.505.5500.

Monday, April 22nd: When to see a Fertility Specialist-Presented by Dr. Arlene Morales and Dr. Wendy Shelly

The idea of building a family seems like a simple concept. But for 1 out of every 8 couples in the US, having children is a real, and difficult issue. Join us as we hear from Dr. Arlene Morales and Dr. Wendy Shelly speak on when it is time to see a fertility specialist. Other topics will include; how do doctors diagnosis infertility? What types of treatment options are available? How much does infertility treatment cost?

Tuesday, April 23rd: Inside the Embrylogy Lab: A Look at the Embryology Lab’s Role in Fertility Treatment- Presented by Kate Pache and David Cragun

An embryology lab is a vital piece of infertility treatments, although much of the processes that take place there are relatively unknown. Join us as embryologist Kate Pache speaks on the behind-the-scenes of an embryology lab, and the lab’s role in fertility treatments! This event is complimentary, and open to the San Diego community.

Wednesday, April 24th: The Male Factor: Male Infertility Diagnosis and Treatments-Presented by Dr. Mike Hsieh

Infertility is often seen as a “women’s disease”, when in reality, a couple’s infertility is caused by a male factor in 50% of cases. Join Dr. Mike Hsieh as he discusses male infertility diagnosis and treatments. This complimentary event is open to the San Diego community.

Thursday, April 25th: The Emotional Stages and Coping Stratigies of Infertility- Presented by Laura Carr, PhD.

The emotional toll of infertility can often be overwhelming. Understand the emotional stages of infertility may help the process. Join us as Laura Carr, PhD, talks on the emotional stages of infertility, and the different coping mechanisms individuals practice. This event is complimentary to current patients and the San Diego community.