Birds of a Feather Program

Congratulations on your graduation from Fertility Specialists Medical Group!

Now that you are officially an FSMG “graduate”, we invite you to take part in our Birds of a Feather program!

What is the Birds of a Feather program?

This program matches “graduated” patients with new or existing patients that are considering similar treatments.

What Does it Mean to be part of Birds of a Feather?

Being a member of the program as a “Peer” gives you the opportunity to serve as a guide, mentor, resource, cheerleader to another patient. Your unique perspective as past patient can offer a different kind of support and information than a patient gets through their support team here at the clinic. The amount of time and level of contact you have with a matched patient is completely up to you! Meet for a cup of coffee, talk on the phone, or simply share emails.

Signing up as a “Peer” in the Birds of a Feather simply means you are open to receiving an email address or cell phone number of a new patient who has requested a match. Your contact and treatment information will not be disclosed; you can choose to share as much or as little as you find comfortable. You can also always decline a match if it comes at a time when your plate if full.

If you are interested in being contacted for this program please fill out the form below and the program administrator will reach back to you soon.

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