Donation & Surrogacy

Woman have her blood pressure checked while applying for our Egg Donation Program | Fertility Specialists Medical Group | San Diego & Carlsbad, CA

Egg Donation Program

Apply to be an egg donor! While the process may seem overwhelming, the Third Party team at FSMG will walk you through each step.

Sperm Donation

A sperm donor provides sperm so it can be used in assisted reproductive techniques (fertility treatments). They can be identified (known), such as family members or friends, or non-identified (anonymous) obtained through sperm banks.

Gestational carrier sitting on bed | Fertility Specialists Medical Group | San Diego, CA

Using a Gestational Carrier (Surrogate)

A gestational carrier is a surrogate who agrees to go through IVF to carry and deliver a baby for intended parents who otherwise could not carry a pregnancy to have a child.

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