Financial Support for Fertility Treatment

We are committed to supporting our patients throughout their treatment and family building efforts, including providing a transparent and complete estimate of fertility treatment costs and financing options.

In an effort to make fertility treatment more accessible, we offer guarantee plans, financial aid programs, and medication discount programs. We can also connect our patients with reputable lending programs and accept many forms of insurance.

To pay your invoice with Fertility Specialists Medical Group and San Diego Center for Reproductive Surgery please log into your IMS patient portal.

No Fertility Treatment Cost Surprises

Our philosophy on providing collaborative fertility treatment begins with each person having a clear understanding of what the out-of-pocket costs of treatments will be.

Patients of Fertility Specialists Medical Group should never be surprised by a new fee or hidden cost during their treatment. By going over the financial aspect of each step of the treatment journey at the very beginning, we educate and empower our patients with the information to make informed decisions.

Our team places an emphasis on making fertility care accessible and affordable to all people. To that end, our financial team works one-on-one with each of our patients to keep them informed about costs, discuss in vitro fertilization (IVF) financing options if applicable and work through other financial matters.

We strive to keep an open and active line of communication with our patients throughout their care because we understand that fertility treatment is a substantial emotional and financial investment.

Fertility Medication Discounts

The cost of fertility medications can add up, so we strive to match our patients with programs that can make these medications more affordable. Patients can apply for assistance through a number of different organizations.

Compassionate Care Program by Serono for Self-Pay Patients

Serono’s Compassionate Care Program offers self-pay discounts to qualified patients, including military veterans who do not qualify for the Compassionate Corps Program. Qualified individuals can receive anywhere between 25%-75% off the price of their medications through the Compassionate Care Program.

Visit the Compassionate Care Program website

ReUnite Prescription Discount Programs for Self-Pay Patients

ReUnite offers discount programs on specific fertility medications for self-pay patients, as well as assistance programs for veterans and oncofertility (fertility preservation before cancer treatment) patients. Qualified individuals can receive anywhere between 25%-75% off the price of their medications through the ReUnite Program.

Find a ReUnite Program

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Discount Programs for Oncofertility & Veterans

Ferring offers discounts on select Ferring medications to oncofertility patients without financial criteria. Qualified veterans can also receive select Ferring medications at no cost.

Find a Ferring Program

Infertility Treatment Financing Programs for Veterans

Fertility Specialists Medical Group joins EMD Serono and ASRM/SART (American Society for Reproductive Medicine/Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology) in their support of active military, military veterans, and their spouses. We will work with the United States Veterans Affairs Department and other organizations in order to provide affordable treatment.

IVF Coverage Through Veterans Affairs

IVF and other fertility treatments may be covered for eligible veterans (and their spouses) with service-connected disabilities that resulted in infertility.

Patients enrolled in Veterans Affairs healthcare should schedule an appointment with their VA provider (primary care or OB-GYN) to discuss a fertility evaluation. If the patient is eligible for this benefit, the doctor will refer the patient to our clinic.

Individuals who have not yet enrolled in VA healthcare can do so in order to make an appointment with a primary care provider to receive a referral to FSMG.

IVF treatment through The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Compassionate Corps Program by Serono

Retired military personnel who are not eligible for coverage under the Fertility Veterans Act or through a private or public insurer can apply for complimentary or discounted fertility medications through Serono’s Compassionate Corps Program.

To be eligible for complimentary medications, patients must be a retired member of the military, or the spouse of a military veteran, who is infertile due to a service-related injury.

In addition to the medication discounts offered through the Compassionate Corps Program, FSMG has made the commitment to offer eligible veterans a 10% discount off professional fertility services should they qualify for the Compassionate Corps Program.

Visit the Compassionate Corps Program website

Loans to Cover Fertility Treatment

Through the years we have developed strong relationships with a number of credit companies and organizations to help our patients get the financial support they need.

We recommend acquiring treatment loans through Prosper, though patients are welcome to choose the loan provider of their preference. Loans from a bank, credit union, or other lending institution will also be accepted.

Learn more about Prosper 


The cost of IVF and other treatments will vary from clinic to clinic and from patient to patient based on the services needed. But at FSMG we can guarantee that each patient will benefit from our transparent approach to finances.

We Believe

  • Treatment should be accessible to all.
  • Treatment pricing should never be a surprise.
  • Active communication is imperative.

You’re unique.
Your fertility plan should be too.