Navigating the Complex Intersection of Breast Cancer and Infertility

Navigating the Complex Intersection of Breast Cancer and Infertility

Breast cancer and infertility are two formidable challenges that many women face, individually or concurrently. At Fertility Specialists Medical Group, we’re committed to providing comprehensive care and support for women who are navigating this complex intersection. Under the guidance of our renowned founder, Dr. Arlene Morales, we strive to empower women with knowledge, resources, and options to overcome these obstacles. 

Breast Cancer and Fertility:

Breast cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, can potentially impact a woman’s fertility (1). They can affect the ovarian reserve, lead to hormonal changes, or bring about premature ovarian failure. Dr. Morales notes, “It’s essential for women diagnosed with breast cancer to explore fertility preservation options as early as possible to increase the chances of having  children in the future.”

Fertility Preservation Options:

There are several established methods for fertility preservation for women facing breast cancer treatment. These include embryo freezing, egg freezing, and ovarian tissue freezing. Each approach has its own set of advantages and is selected based on the individual’s medical condition, age, and preferences (2).

“Egg freezing prior to cancer treatment does not increase the risk of cancer recurrence in the future and often results in minimal to no delay in initiation of cancer treatments,” says Dr. Morales. “Preservation is key for future family planning.”

Navigating Treatment:

Every woman’s journey is distinct, demanding personalized care and attention. It’s critical to have a multi-disciplinary team of oncologists and fertility specialists to guide and support patients through this process. Collaboration and communication among specialists are paramount to ensure that both the cancer and fertility aspects are addressed effectively (3).

Support and Resources:

At Fertility Specialists Medical Group, we provide emotional support and practical resources to alleviate the anxiety and stress associated with the dual diagnosis of breast cancer and infertility. Dr. Morales emphasizes, “The FSMG team is committed to walking this journey with our patients, offering hope and solutions every step of the way.”

Breast cancer and infertility can be an overwhelming challenge. However, with early intervention, advanced fertility preservation techniques, and a supportive medical team, women can successfully navigate this journey. Our commitment is to ensure that every woman is equipped with the knowledge and options to make informed decisions about her fertility and overall health.


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