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Welcome to the Fertility Specialists Medical Group blog

Our physicians are experts in reproductive medicine and offer educated and personal perspectives in this blog. They will discuss the reproductive timeline, fertility, treatment of infertility, IVF, trending reproductive medicine topics, emotional aspects of fertility treatment, and cutting edge fertility research.

IVF Myths


IVF is a complex process that can raise a lot of questions. Our physicians address some of the most common myths and misconceptions about IVF.

Let’s Talk About Loss


When someone has experienced a loss it is important to allow yourself room and time to grieve. Be kind to yourself and reach out for help.

What Is PCOS?


Learn more about PCOS, symptoms, what needs to be ruled out before diagnosis and how you can increase your chances of pregnancy if you have PCOS.

Initial Evaluation of Male Infertility


It’s not always the woman who suffers from infertility. Male fertility should be evaluated in any couple who has a diagnosis of infertility (no pregnancy after timed intercourse for 1 year in women under age 35 or 6 months in women over age 35).

Smoking and Pregnancy


Smoking effects fertilty. Studies have demonstrated that women who smoke are 1.6 times are likely to be infertile than women who don’t.